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3. Februar 2017

Welcome our new packaging

With the relaunch of our logo we now introduce our new packaging design of the 12pcs sets alcohol based ink marker.

Fresh, appealing and hip are words that best describe the new design.

The artwork on the back of the new packaging design was made by the artists STILL SAME RZM who won a competition we hold on our facebook site.

Check out our facebook site, like our site and don’t miss any future activities!

Our 12pcs sets

Available in 7 different sets you have the choice to select your favorite color selection – You will be equipped for every situation and every creative adventure you will encounter!

Below you can find a complete breakdown of the colors.

  • Set A – Basic (15\23\44\46\52\66\72\81\86\91\101\120)
  • Set B – Pastel (7\17\25\26\37\48\49\59\67\68\77\84)
  • Set C – Yellow/Red (1\10\11\14\22\24\31\32\34\35\73\85)
  • Set D – Blue/Green (47\53\54\55\57\61\63\64\65\70\71\76)
  • Set E – Cool Grey (CGⅡ0~9\0\120)
  • Set F – Warm Grey (WG0.5~9\ 120\ 0)
  • Set G – Skin Tones (25\26\27\28\29\36\92\97\98\104\120\0)

Inside the boxes are 12 brilliant alcohol based markers with a 7 mm chisel tip for large areas and a 0.8 mm fine tip for precise works.

Discover our new 12pcs sets, grab them and draw you imaginations.

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